ICID has partnered with the Public Health Agency of Canada and other public and private organizations to be a premier source of national and international biorisk management training. We are able to provide access to an unprecedented depth of subject matter expertise, providing extensive and authoritative experience on the full range of topics to be included in a comprehensive biosafety/biosecurity training program. Our advanced-level courses on the safe operation and maintenance of level 3 and level 4 containment facilities attract participants from around the world. ICID's capabilities in training include program development, course/conference logistics, facility coordination, marketing/communications, sponsorship recruitment, participant registration, and financial management.

International High Containment Laboratory Workshop

A course targeted at biosafety professionals, facility operators and managers who require advanced training in critical aspects of biocontainment, including working in BSL-3 and BSL-4. The unique aspect to this course is intensive, hands-on learning approach. Teams of 4-6 work with different instructors each day to complete technical modules, supplemented by plenary lectures and discussions.

International Operations and Maintenance High Containment Workshop

This workshop addresses the increasing needs of facility operators, maintenance and operations staff for training in relevant aspects of biocontainment facilities and fills a critical need within the operations and maintenance community.

Canadian Biosafety Symposium

As a member of the Canadian Biosafety Training Partnership, ICID organizes the Canadian Biosafety Symposium. This annual symposium features sessions and workshops on an array of biosafety topics, including containment facilities design, maintenance and equipment, laboratory management and operations, animal containment, biosecurity and infectious diseases affecting humans and animals. For further information and registration please go to

Laboratory Biorisk Management Systems Workshop

This seminar features high impact lectures and hands-on table-top exercises to focus on how to implement a biosafety and biosecurity laboratory management system within containment facilities centered on the international CEN workshop Agreement (CWA) 15793:2008. 

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