National Grand Rounds on Infectious Diseases

ICID National Grand Rounds (NGR) on Infectious Diseases 

The concept of these NGR is based on Grand Rounds in university medical colleges and hospitals where students and instructors gather on a regular basis to learn and teach about new and relevant subjects and issues. The ICID NGR programs are conducted in real time to a local in-room audience and to national and international online participants by webcast, and subsequently by archived web-link.

The topics include questions and issues of importance and interest to a variety of health-care and health-related professionals, and include a wide range and broad scope of subjects related to the theory and practice of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and control of infectious diseases. ICID is engaging appropriate experts to present and discuss the evidence in ways that are focused, balanced, relevant, and reflective of the principles of evidence-based decision-making. 

SEE LIST of upcoming and previous ICID National Grand Rounds. Videos and slide presentations available.