Institute for Biosafety and Biosecurity Canada


The concerns arising from laboratory-acquired infections have led to an international recognition and demand for improved laboratory practices. This has led to a worldwide increased demand for biorisk management guidance and support. Biorisk management aims to reduce the risk associated with biological materials in the laboratory, encompassing both biosafety and biosecurity perspectives.

Working with government, academic and private sector partners, ICID addresses biorisk management needs through national and global capacity building. ICID fulfills a unique role by offering organizational leadership as well as the administrative infrastructure for biosafety and biosecurity initiatives and training programs. By supporting the development and incorporation of biorisk management systems, and those initiatives and organizations that promote biosafety and biosecurity, ICID strives to improve the safety of those who work within laboratories and the communities that host these facilities.

ICID has contributed to international efforts to strengthen the global biosurveillance workforce for the past 10 years through biosafety training to prevent accidental or intentional spread of infectious diseases.  This has been achieved through training, policy and processes for identifying, securing, safely monitoring and storing dangerous pathogens within laboratories.  As a result, we have:

  • Strengthened capacity to work safely within containment facilities around the world
  • Improved containment facility biorisk management systems
  • Enhanced global biosurveillance

 To date, 49 countries have participated in ICID Biosafety Training