Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza

ICID has been involved in pandemic preparedness since 2006. Projects include the National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases' Influenza Preparedness for Workplaces which resulted in the development of the Pandemic Influenza Task Force and the subsequent National Business Summit on Pandemic Preparedness, Response and Recovery 2006, Faith Community Summit on Pandemic Preparedness and Response, and the development of a Pandemic Business Toolkit that was made available through the internet ( and promoted across the country. As a result of this work, ICID became a point of reference for pandemic preparedness for workplaces.

In 2009, in response to the H1N1 influenza pandemic, ICID received funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) to assist small and medium-sized businesses and the non-profit sector in pandemic preparedness. This project resulted in cross country seminars and the development of a pandemic planning toolkit and resources housed at ICID's website and (French site).

As well ICID, with technical support from the Centre for Global Public Health at the University of Manitoba, led a project entitled Issues in Pandemic Influenza Responses for Marginalized Urban Populations. The purpose of this PHAC-funded project was to evaluate and synthesize existing prevention and response plans and develop further resources to assist front line workers in responding to issues related to influenza among marginalized urban populations and thereby minimize the impact of pandemic influenza on these populations, particularly in the context of the H1N1 epidemic of 2009.

Findings of ICID led surveys, consultations and interviews were released in March 2010 in a report entitled, "Issues in Pandemic Influenza Responses for Marginalized Urban Populations: Key Findings and Recommendations from Consultation Meetings and Key Informant Interviews".  Further, with the support of a project reference group comprised of stakeholders from across the country, a guidebook was developed and released in July 2010.  The guidebook entitled, "Flu Season and the Most Vulnerable People – Preparing your Organization, Staff, Volunteers and Clients for Seasonal and Pandemic Flu" was developed as a response to the recommendation from the consultation and seeks to support and encourage the development of effective local plans to prepare for and respond to seasonal and pandemic influenza.

Through organizational leadership, technical expertise and administrative infrastructure ICID has the capacity and experience to help address the seasonal and pandemic influenza planning, program implementation, and evaluation needs in the non-profit and business sectors.