9th International High Containment Operations and Maintenance Workshop

9th International High Containment Operations and Maintenance Workshop

September 18-22, 2017
Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Public Health Agency of Canada and the International Centre for Infectious Diseases are pleased to co-present the 8th International High Containment Operations and Maintenance Workshop.

This workshop addresses the increasing needs of facility operators, maintenance and operations staff for training in relevant aspects of biocontainment facilities and fills a critical need within the operations and maintenance community.

This four day course allows participants to gain hands on experience in some of the special containment and facility support areas (BSL 3 and 4) of the Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health, one of the world's most recognized containment laboratory complexes.

Proposed workshop topics will include:

  • Physical integrity verification of containment laboratories
  • Assessing the performance of HVAC and HEPA filtration systems
  • Performing maintenance and operational functions on critical containment systems
  • Integrating operations and maintenance with the scientific program
  • Assessing and verifying the performance of primary containment devices
  • Waste treatment systems
  • Energy centre operation
  • Electrical systems and maintenance

In addition, participants will be presented with an overview in biosafety and biosecurity, as well as lessons learned in facility design and construction.

After successful completion of this 4 day workshop participants will be able to:

  • Describe a HEPA filter, how it works and how it is certified
  • Explain the purpose of a BSC and how it works and identify the elements of BSC certification
  • Identify and describe different systems and roles found within the energy centre of a large facility
  • List different methods of treating liquid effluent from a biocontainment laboratory and identify items that could be considered when selecting a treatment system for biological laboratory waste
  • Define purpose of room integrity in a containment laboratory and describe how it is tested and verified
  • Describe how to safely maintain the different electrical distribution systems in a containment facility

The uniqueness of this workshop is its intensive, participatory learning approach. Teams will work with different instructors each day to complete technical modules, supplemented by plenary lectures and discussions.

All aspects of the workshop will be conducted in English.  It is important for safety reasons that all participants be comfortable working in this language. Space is limited.

The cost to attend is $2,950.00 CAD (inclusive of the 5% Goods and Services Tax).

If you have questions or need more information, please contact us at biorisk@icid.com.