Influenza and Marginalized Populations

Issues in Pandemic Preparedness Response
Guidebook available in English and French (pdf)   

Public health planners and direct service providers across Canada identify a need for pandemic planning for marginalized urban populations to address most vulnerable population barriers in the context of pandemic influenza and should include input from direct service providers in planning, communication, and implementation strategies. 

Flu Season and The Most Vulnerable People
Guidebook available in English and French (pdf)

If your oganization serves vulnerable or at-risk populations, you need to be prepared for the next flu season. Flu Season and the Most Vulnerable People: Preparing Your organization, volunteers and clients for seasonal and pandemic flu provides a step-by-step outline of how to:  

- prevent the spread of flu in your organization and community 
- minimize the impact of flu on your clients 
- continue to provide critical services to clients such as meals, housing and social supports
- provide a healthier workplace for staff and volunteers 

Literature Review: Vulnerability During a Pandemic: Looking Beyond Medical Risk
Available in English and French (pdf)

This literature review, entitled "Vulnerability during a Pandemic: Looking Beyond Medical Risk", was conducted by researchers at the University of Ottawa (O'Sullivan & Bourgoin) and summarizes the latest national and international literature that addresses factors which increase vulnerability during a pandemic. In epidemics and other emergencies, attention is directed toward protecting populations who are at heightened risk for medical complications (e.g. pregnant women, children, immunocompromised). It is important to also acknowledge people with heightened risk for vulnerability during an outbreak as a result of the intersection of the social determinants of health (e.g. the literacy challenged, homeless, socioeconomically disadvantaged, or those with functional needs) and consider planning strategies to address their needs. This literature review is structured using a Determinants of Health framework and is for consideration by pandemic planners at all levels. This project was funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada. 

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Issues in Pandemic Influenza Responses for Marginalized Urban Populations 
Consultation Report available in English and French (pdf)