ICID Virtual Communities

The International Centre for Infectious Diseases (ICID) hosts two confidential Internet-based communities to enhance collaboration among Canadian researchers and other stakeholders with an interest in either Immunization and Diagnostics or HIV vaccine development.

The Virtual Immunization Community (VIC) is an online resource of the ICID. It is intended to serve as a collaborative community – a discussion arena, an information repository, a place to share information, try out new ideas, and find information on a variety of learning opportunities. Overall, the VIC is intended to facilitate interactions between people interested in all aspects of infectious disease prevention, education, screening, treatment, and research. Here you will be able to access and contribute to forums, webinars, hard-to-find resources including webinar recordings, publications and reports, PowerPoint slides and breaking news about infectious disease issues. Private and secure collaborative teams have a variety of tools at their disposal including meeting planners, calendars, agenda and minute archives, etc. Any member can request the development of a private committee space.

The Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative (CHVI) Research & Development Alliance Virtual Community (Alliance VC) is a confidential Internet-based community that has been designed for leaders in HIV vaccine research to collaborate, communicate, and share research and information. Members of CHVI-funded project teams and programs will automatically have secure access to this virtual community, which will provide, among other things, a virtual meeting space for collaborations, hosting of “private” interest or project groups, an online collaborative document creation and editing tool, training webinars and web conferencing capabilities, resource materials, and a Canadian researcher database.

Access the Virtual Communities:

Virtual Communities Portal