Symposium: "Global Challenges of Viral Infections"

Symposium: Global Challenges of Viral Infections 

World Health Summit Regional Meeting - North America, Montreal, Canada

CHAIR: Eric A. Cohen (IRCM - Universite de Montreal, Canada) 

CO-CHAIR: Gary Kobinger (Centre de recherche en infectiologie - Universite Laval, Canada) 


  • David Margolis (UNC HIV Cure Center - University of North Carolina, USA) “How to build an AIDS-free generation: can we add viral eradication to the tool box?”
  • Gregory Dore (Kirby Institute - University of New South Wales, Australia) “HCV: from care to Cure”
  • Pierre Formenty (Emerging and Dangerous Pathogens Team - World Health Organization, Switzerland) “Emerging threatening viral infections”
  • Gary Kobinger (Centre de recherche en infectiologie - Université Laval, Canada) “Ebola Virus: Emergency clinical progression of Ebola vaccines and treatments” 

A reduced registration fee is available until February 17, 2017 (*special fee offered for trainees as well*):

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